Stravinsky in Black & White

The two musicians control perfectly the architecture of the sound masses while allowing for the characteristic nervous-feverish pulse typical of Stravinsky, even in the calmer passages. One must speak of the closest possible approximation to the instrumental versions, which is in this case the greatest possible compliment.
— Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

The Duo has been committed to Stravinsky’s extraordinary music since first discovering, in 1999, the rarely-performed two-piano arrangement of his late twelve-tone piano concerto, Movements. They have since recorded this piece, along with other arrangements by the composer, including The Rite of Spring, Septet, Three Pieces for String Quartet and Dumbarton Oaks. They expanded on the project by adding to their repertoire all the remaining Stravinsky arrangements: Concertino, Petrushka, Scherzo à la Russe and Agon. These arrangements are highly effective and revealing, perhaps due to the fact that Stravinsky always composed at the piano. Audiences can experience his extraordinary music in a fascinatingly new way.